Message from the president

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we have worked on compliance and have been working with you for over 80 years history since our establishment in order to deliver perfect quality and safe and reliable products.
Meanwhile, as the birthrate is falling and population is aging increasingly, the surrounding environment of us has undergone significant changes.
Regarding pharmaceuticals, we are more demanding to deliver the most suitable pharmaceutical products to those who need it.
Moreover, from the standpoint of preventive medicine, the importance of self medication is more recognized, diversifying the needs of general medicines is inevitable.
Under these circumstances, We utilizes the accumulated know-how and latest pharmaceutical technology and information to constantly respond to the needs of all of you, develop new products such as medicines, quasi-drugs, health foods, etc. to respond to environmental changes at the same time, we will do our utmost to fulfill our social responsibilities in close contact with the local community.President and CEO
Hideki Kitayama

Company Profile

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Techno Nara Factory
1420, Sugawacho, Gojo-shi, Nara, 637-0014, Japan
TEL: +81-747-22-3451 / FAX: +81-747-25-1232
EstablishedAugust 1931
IncorporatedMarch 1947
President and CEODirector Hideki Kitayama
Capitalization28 million yen
Business LineThe manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, nutritional drinks, and health products.
Partner BanksNanto Bank Gojo Branch
Kiyo Bank Gojo Branch
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Yamatotakada Branch
Japan Finance Corporation Nara Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank Nara Branch
Nara Chuo Shinkin Bank Shinjo Branch


A Business History of over 80 years since our foundingMuch like the sun sends its shining rays, our goal is to be a trustworthy and enlightened company that influences all of our customers within our local community.

History of Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has logged over 80 years since our founding,Toichiro Kitayama founded the company as Serve Pharmaceutical Laboratories in 1931.
Our company started out manufacturing Yamato’s home placement drugs.
In March 1947, the company was incorporated as Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
The origin of the company name (金陽) comes from its location on the south side of Mount Kongo (金剛) which is situated between Osaka Prefecture and Nara Prefecture.
Because the sun (太陽) shines brightly on the south side of Mount Kongo, large trees thrive in this location.
Our company took its name (金陽) from the first character in Mount Kongo (金) and the second character in sunshine (陽) with the notion that the company would thrive like the large trees basking in the sunshine of Mount Kongo.
Just like our name suggests, we aim to be an enlightened company, just like the sunshine.
We want to be an enlightened company that is trusted by consumers who use our products, suppliers, sales partners and all within our local community including our employees.

Our Contributions to Society Based on Nutritional Drinks

Our company got its start with placement drugs.
The concept of placement drugs has a history dating back to the Edo Period in Japan.
In an era when medical care was not readily available, the need for people to take charge of their own health is intimately tied to the current philosophy of self-medication.

The importance of self-medication is currently being advocated.
With the aging of our society and because of an increase in chronic illnesses thought to be caused by environmental deterioration, there is an increased need for products consciously developed for the prevention of illnesses.
Our company strives to meet these needs by manufacturing trusted pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, and health food products.

We continuously improve our technology to ensure that our products are able to meet the needs of maintaining and enhancing the health of all of our customers.
Based on our nutritional drink know-how and technology accumulated over many years, we are able to coordinate profitable nutritional drink businesses for our partners who entrust their manufacturing to us.
We have concentrated our efforts based on nutritional drinks in order to further contribute to the local community.


August 1931Establishment of Serve Pharmaceutical Laboratories at 168 Futami, Gojo-cho, Uchi-gun, Nara Prefecture by our first company president, Toichiro Kitayama.
March 1947Incorporation of Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. at the same location.
April 1961Commenced manufacture of oral formulations in ampoules.
January 1965Commenced manufacture of pharmaceuticals and nutritional fortification tonic drink.
January 1967Completed construction of the Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sakaibe Factory at 345 Naka-cho, Gojo with new manufacturing facilities for tonic drink.
October 1971Relocation of the Futami Headquarters Factory to merge with the Sakaibe Factory to form the Gojo Factory.
May 1975Appointment of Hirokazu Kitayama as President and CEO.
July 1977Completion of Gojo Factory renovation. Revamping of the production line for tonic drink.
October 1984Revamping of facilities for oral formulations in ampoules.
December 1986Completion of automation manufacturing facilities for bath formulations.
September 1991Revamping of the mini-drink fill line.
December 1996Renewal of permit for manufacture in accordance with new GMP.
March 1998Acquisition of 8,068㎡ factory site in Techno-park Nara.
December 1999Completion of Techno Nara factory.
May 2000Commencement of operation of 100ml drink line.
January 2005Appointment of Hideki Kitayama as President and CEO.
April 2005Approval for manufacture and sale of category 2 pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
March 2006Completion of new mini-drink line at the Techno Nara Factory.

Access Map

Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.KINYO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. HEAD QUARTERS/Techno Nara Factory1420, Sugawacho, Gojo-shi, Nara, 637-0014, Japan
TEL: +81-747-22-3451 / FAX: +81-747-25-1232
by car
About 5 minutes after getting off at Keinawa Expressway "Gojo Kita IC". Parking lot available.
by train
About 10 minutes on foot by getting off at JR Wakayama Line "Kitauchi Station"

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