The reason why people choose us

Trust based on over 80 years of performance since our founding.

Established in 1931, we have accumulated over 80 years of performance results.
Our company started out manufacturing “Yamato’s home placement drugs.”
In 1965 we began the manufacture of drinkable formulations, which are our current flagship products.
Since the time of our establishment, our company organization has experienced various social and economic reforms. We have gained the trust and confidence of our customers by building a strong foundation that is undeterred by any adversary. We have been promptly responding to customer needs through cutting-edge factory facilities in operation since the year 2000.
We believe that competition in the health and beauty industry will intensify in the future, and operations from product planning to market launch will need to be conducted expeditiously.
Within such a market environment, we support our customer’s “profit generating drink businesses” by being nimble.

Our history

The Capability to Totally Coordinate Your Drink Business

In order to continue to generate profit in the health and beauty industry which is experiencing ever intensifying competition, it is important to accurately assess the market and implement timely manufacture of products that are preferred by consumers.
Furthermore, product improvement must take place immediately upon reaction to new products launched into the market, and those improvements must also be implemented in a timely manner.
All processes from formulation design (selection of raw materials and formulation of ingredients for nutritional drinks), packaging, testing, and production are provided by our company.
It is for this reason that our customers choose us as their manufacturing partner for nutritional drinks in order to generate profits in nutritional drink businesses that include health and beauty drinks.

Our services

Thorough Quality Control

Pharmaceuticals are subject to strict regulations and screening criteria. In addition to the latest GMP standards for quality assurance, we also maintain our individual standards and promote the manufacture of products worthy of your peace of mind and trust.

Quality management

OEM of a healthy drink and a beauty drink, new product development and PB are for us of a genki drink professional manufacturer!

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