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We coordinate your drink business for profit generation.

  1. 1.Planning

    Our sales representatives have experience implementing a variety of nutritional drink plans, and are able to expeditiously meet the needs of our customers when holding consultations about new product planning.We present design plans that include formulation designs and packaging designs, and comprehensively meet our customer’s needs from product manufacturer to follow up.In order to manufacture products that meet with customer approval, we hold repeated in-depth meetings and conduct testing until we both approve of the results. Furthermore, we invite our customers to visit our facilities in order to gain our customers’ peace of mind in allowing us to partner with them in the manufacture of their nutritional drinks.We invite you to visit our research and development facilities and factory floor to confirm for yourself how we conduct research and development and thorough quality control.

  2. 2.Research and Development

    With the aging of our society, lifestyle-related diseases and chronic illnesses are on the rise, and the health orientation of the citizenry and awareness of self-health are increasing year after year. At the same time, the need for various pharmaceuticals and health products is also increasing. As a corporation that supplies these products, we are devoted to the development and manufacture of a wide range of products for health maintenance that meet the needs of our customers.

    • Test study 1[photo]
    • Test study 2[photo]
    • Data analysis[photo]
    • Liquid Chromatograph[photo]
  3. 3.Production

    We achieve a high degree of reliability and safety in GMP factories that implement the latest systems.
    While our main focus is on drinkable formulations, we produce a wide range of products from pharmaceuticals to bath formulations and health food products at our two GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) factories: Techno Nara Factory and Gojo Factory.
    Our product line utilizes factory automation from raw material intake to manufacture, packaging, and shipment in a clean environment that is segregated from the outside environment.
    Moreover, a high level of awareness and effort toward cleanliness as well as the capability of each employee in utilizing the latest evaluation techniques supports the quality programs of our cutting-edge factories.
    Our adjoining distribution centers enable stable product supply through a distribution system that is directly connected to manufacturing.

    • Adjustment facilities[photo]
    • Dissolving tank[photo]
    • Filling wrap, cap machine[photo]
    • Washing bottle machine[photo]
  4. 4.Quality Control

    We deploy a thorough quality control system featuring strict standards and high technology.
    Pharmaceuticals are subject to strict regulations and screening criteria. In addition to the latest GMP standards for quality assurance, we also maintain our individual standards and promote the manufacture of products worthy of your peace of mind and trust.
    For instance, the quality of our pharmaceuticals is verified by scientific processes to ensure reliability.
    Furthermore, we implement a quality control system complete with various processes that include transition to a clean manufacturing environment to prevent outside contamination and quality checks at each manufacturing stage including testing, inspection, packaging, packing, and pre-shipment testing. We also hold regular workshops to keep ahead of the latest information related to GMP standards.

    The state of the workshop[photo]

Flow of Services

Our company coordinates all aspects of health drink/beauty drink manufacture from planning, labeling and packaging design, to production, and quality control in order to maximize profitability for customers.

  1. 1Initial consultation with customer
  2. 2Meetings
  3. 3Formulation / Packaging design
  4. 4Testing / Quote submission
  5. 5Taste consideration / Packaging design
  6. 6Production / Quality confirmation
  7. 7Product delivery

OEM of a healthy drink and a beauty drink, new product development and PB are for us of a genki drink professional manufacturer!

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